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Amanda Haberecht Darling Health


Meet Amanda Haberecht

As both the director and principal Naturopath of Darling Health, Amanda Haberecht takes great pride in providing patients and their families with quality Naturopathic and complementary health care in a caring and welcoming environment. As an extension of this, Amanda talks all things wellness to all kinds of groups & corporates, small & large.

Amanda Haberecht Naturopath Sydney

Amanda Haberecht is a regular keynote speaker on preconception and pregnancy health, miscarriage prevention, natural fertility management and naturopathic IVF support. Previous speaking engagements include:

  • The Alexandria Multidisciplinary Education Series at IVF Australia (September 2019), presenting 'Naturopathic Approaches to Unexplained Infertility'.

  • Metagenics Facebook LIVE Interviews at Congress (June 2019), presenting 'Employee and Subcontracting Practitioners'.

  • The Alexandria Multidisciplinary Education Series at IVF Australia (May 2019), on the 'Supporting IVF and Fertility Panel'.

  • Health Masters LIVE Fertility Masterclass (April 2019), presenting 'Fertility Assessment, webinar one'.

  • Health Masters LIVE Pregnancy Masterclass (September 2018), presenting 'Preconception: When things get complicated, webinar two'.

  • Naturally Good Expo, Sydney Australia (April 2018), presenting 'Underutilised Approaches to Natural Preconception'.

  • ACNEM Conference: Women's Health (November 2016), presenting 'PMS'.

  • Marie Claire – Defy your Age Campaign (Feb 2014), presenting 'How to Look and Feel Your Best Naturally'.

  • Health Masters LIVE Natural Women’s Health Masterclass (Nov 2013), presenting 'Recurrent Miscarriage'.

  • Health Masters LIVE Natural Pregnancy Masterclass (Sept 2013), presenting '1st Trimester Pregnancy Health'.

  • ACNEM Conference: Women’s Health – From Menarche to Menopause (November 2011), presenting 'Infertility and Conception'.

  • Metagenics Congress of Integrative Medicine (June 2011), presenting both 'Naturopathic Support of Patients Undergoing Assisted Fertility Treatments', and 'Prevention and Management of Recurrent Miscarriage'.

  • ATMS Webinar (November 2022), presenting 'Naturopathic Support for Recurrent Miscarriage'.

  • ATMS Webinar (2020), presenting 'Fertility Assessment'.

  • Expert Speaker Panel at the Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Conference (May 2016), presenting 'Essential Nutrition Through Each Trimester and Breastfeeding'.

  • 'Nutrition, Fertility and Human Reproductive Function’ BOOK REVIEW, Temellen K & Pearce K ACNEM Journal (Dec 2015).

  • The Fanny Mechanic Podcast, 'Naturopathy and Fertility with Amanda Haberecht' (May 2020), by Dr Natasha Andreadis. Listen here. 

  • Between Clinical Minds PODCAST, 'Menopause Transition and Cardiometabolic Risk', (April 2023), by Bioconcepts. Listen here.

  • Between Clinical Minds PODCAST, 'Gestational Diabetes', (March 2023), by Bioconcepts. Listen here

  • Wellness by Designs PODCAST, 'Mitochondrial Nutrients in Fertility- Practical Applications with Amanda Haberecht', (July 2023), by Designs for Health. Listen Here


Amanda is beyond passionate about educating and inspiring people to prioritise their health, helping them to make natural, practical changes on their journey to optimal wellbeing. Amanda is available for speaking and presenting on all health and dietary topics, with her specialities including; reproductive health, infertility, miscarriage prevention, recurrent miscarriage, preconception care, perimenopause & menopause, autoimmunity and adrenal health.

For more information on how to work with Amanda, please get in touch. 

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