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We all want to raise healthy, happy and intelligent children. Despite our best efforts, our kids get sick, this is normal and natural, but what can you do to help prevent and treat their illnesses? 


At Darling Health, we treat a wide range of children’s health problems including; food allergies and intolerances, reflux and digestive disorders, ear and sinus infections, eczema and rashes, asthma, weaning and infant nutrition. We also treat various neurological disorders including ADHD, behavioural spectrum disorders, Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, poor immunity, colds and flu, OCD and other mood disorders.

Naturopathic treatments for kiddies may include nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle changes. We know these can be challenging for children and parents, which is why we offer you the support and guidance you need to help you make gradual and realistic changes to support you and your little ones.

Our Naturopaths, Carmen Cooper and Phoebe Jobson are both passionate about treating children in clinic and helping them with health concerns such as; eczema, allergies, gut complaints, food intolerances, immune support, and sleep.

Natural children's health
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