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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy combines nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, counselling and functional testing to determine the underlying cause of health complaints and achieve optimal health. Naturopathy is in fact one of the oldest forms of medicine on the planet, with a philosophy based on the concept that given the right environment the body can heal itself. Modern-day Naturopaths are educated in nutrition, herbal medicine and counselling as well as health-science subjects including biochemistry and anatomy so they are fully equipped to recognise and treat a wide variety of health complaints. Recognising that no two people are the same, Naturopaths tailor treatment plans to suit individual needs.

What would you see a Naturopath for?

Everything from poor immunity, digestive issues and recurrent infections to more complex conditions such as autoimmune disease, irritable bowel disease, unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage, hormonal imbalances, mental health problems and more. Naturopaths can provide the time and in-depth investigations required to identify the underlying cause of your health complaints rather than simply treating the symptoms. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual and may include nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, dietary changes and lifestyle suggestions surrounding exercise and stress management. You may also like to see a Naturopath to simply optimise your health- you don’t have to have a main complaint in mind! Detoxification programs, stress support and a whole foods diet can do wonders for your overall health and well being.


How long are the appointments and how often should I see a Naturopath?

At Darling Health all initial consultations with the Naturopaths are 1 hour long, however if a couple are coming in for fertility treatment the initial is 2 hours for 2 people. Follow-up appointments are generally 45 minutes, and acute phone appointments are available to existing clients for 15 minutes. How often you see your Naturopath depends on each practitioner and your health complaint, however generally the time between appointments ranges from 3-6 weeks. Once you’re on the road to better health you may only need to check in with your practitioner every few months or so!

Can I get a rebate through private health insurance?

Yes, if you have cover for Natural Therapies with your private health insurance you can claim back for most practitioners’ consultations. The amount you get back differs between insurers and levels of cover so please check with your provider. Please ask reception to check which insurance companies your practitioner is covered with.

What supplements will I be prescribed?

This depends on what you are coming in to see a Naturopath for. At Darling Health we have a full dispensary at the clinic and we take pride in the range and quality of the products we prescribe to our patients. Supplements are used to correct nutritional deficiencies, enhance health and assist in pathways that need support. We also use herbal medicine, both liquid and tablet form, as well as homeopathics and functional foods such as bone broth. Dietary changes and suggestions will also form a large part of your treatment plan.

Will I be referred for testing and what tests can a Naturopath do?

This again depends on your health complaints. For more information on the testing we can do and regularly use, please read more here

If you have further questions about the services and treatment options our Naturopaths offer please do not hesitate to contact reception to find out more. Different practitioners have areas of speciality so please have a look at their bios here to find the right Naturopath for you.

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