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Claire the naturopath– Coming full circle.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

I grew up with a health-conscious mother, eating buckwheat pancakes and sheep’s milk yoghurt, taking colloidal silver and slippery elm for most ailments, and seeing complementary health practitioners whenever we were unwell.

As an older child, I can recall reading bits of my Mum’s health books (such as Phillip Alexander’s “It could be allergy & it can be cured”!!) and enjoying browsing the aisle of health food stores.

As a teen I felt differently, wanting to eat junk food like everyone else did, and use conventional medications, especially when severe acne hit and I saw the oral contraceptive pill as the answer. I spent 7 years on the pill, which improved my skin but brought with it a whole other range of issues, worsened still when I decided to come off it in my 20’s.

I came full circle after realising modern medicine had no answers as to why I was experiencing so many severe side effects from coming off the pill. I began seeing a wonderful Naturopath who gave me clear answers, helped me get my health back on track, and re-awakened my curiosity and passion for natural medicine. I was 2 years into a degree that wasn’t what I wanted to do, and a close friend of mine asked me “If you could be anything, what would it be?” My immediate answer was a Naturopath, so I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a diploma at Nature Care College. I loved it from the start, and have never looked back.

I’m so grateful to be doing a job that I love, and spending my working days assisting others on their journey to better health. And I’m pretty grateful now as an adult to have been fed the way I was as a child– with a focus on whole foods and medicine from nature wherever possible. This is certainly the way I strive to bring up my two little people today, too.

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