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We see so many busy, tired, and stressed mums at Darling Health. Statements like; “I just can’t cope anymore”, “I have lost my patience” or “I am just so exhausted” are recurring.

The ability to bounce back from stress or adversity is important throughout life, especially in our older years and especially after raising children.

Like many other aspects of health and wellbeing, your level of resilience is not set in stone. Instead, think of it as a toolkit you have access to during the times where you feel like you are at your capacity.

What’s in your Resilience Toolkit?

You already have a unique set of tools available to you, which can be summed up as;

  • Your personal strengths and characteristics (I AM courageous, optimistic, persistent, hardworking, self-disciplined)

  • Your skills and know how (I CAN control myself, ask for help, find ways to solve problems)

  • The external resources available to you (I HAVE people around me who I trust, ongoing relationship with health professionals, support available from peers)

The above statements become stronger every time you use them, especially when they are woven together. Practice them when you feel stressed, tired or defeated. (Because let’s be honest, we can totally feel this after tackling some independent toddlers and school kids!)

Nourishing Nutrients

As far as maintaining your energy stores and repleting your stress nutrients it is important to fuel yourself with the following nutrients;

Magnesium – increases cellular energy, reduces feelings of anxiety, provides support for muscle tension

B Vitamins – Support a healthy nervous system and symptoms of low mood, headaches, poor concentration, irritability

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – help to reduce anxiety, mood swings and overall body inflammation (achy joints)

Give Back to Yourself

A home environment and daily lifestyle that’s conducive to a healthy sleep is essential for recovering your resilience.

  • Reduce Alcohol – NO more than 2 std drinks a day – if any! Essential for reducing anxiety, stress, improving sleep and ensuring restorative sleep.

  • Unplug devices before 9pm

  • Develop an evening ritual to prepare yourself for sleep and/or spending 15mins (or more) doing something you love. Stretching, meditation, Shower, drink a herbal tea, read a book, call your girlfriend.

  • Journal – jot down your worries, thoughts and to-do list to prevent over thinking and that 2am wake up! Most importantly write down what you have gratitude for.

When you are feeling challenged in life, consider it is an opportunity for renewed appreciation and recognition of your strength. You have been planted. Use it as an opportunity to flourish and grow.

“Grow where you are planted”

Carmen Cooper

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