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Beginning each morning with purpose and intention can be a game changer for your day. And you don’t have to meditate like a monk to get there. It is the intention and the deliberate slow that can set the tone for your coming day.

Seven easy to implement habits could be:

1. Hydrate - with lemon in hot water, herbal tea or filtered water with greens and mint

2. Move - even if it is just for 10-15 mins – walk, stretch, do some sun salutations and pigeon pose to help you lubricate your joints and offset the coming hours sitting in a chair

3. Meditate – even if it just for 5 mins, find time in savasana, cross-legged or lotus pose to gently arrive into your new day a little less encumbered

4. Find some cold – try and finish your morning shower with 20 seconds of cold to feel more invigorated for your day and to stimulate your lymphatic and detoxification systems

5. Breathe – try 1 min of conscious deep breathing or 5 rounds of the box 444 breathing technique

6. Nourish - your body and its cells. But remember you don’t have to over complicate this – nuts and berries, a nut milk and berry smoothie, some boiled eggs smashed together with avocado and some leaves, last night’s veggies with an egg or some tahini, chia puddings, scrambled tofu

7. Gratitude - Consider a simple pleasure that you’re grateful for. What is something that you are grateful to have today that you didn’t have a year ago? Journal about a happy memory or a beautiful place that you are so grateful you have been able to visit. What is something about your body or health that you’re grateful for? Remind yourself of an accomplishment you’re proud of? Which artist, author, or musician are you grateful for? Spend some time outside to be grateful for the sounds, sunshine, trees etc and to feel grounded.

It is a great idea to calendar the days you have hit your 7 and see if those days feel fuller and more peaceful. Wishing you all a wonderful, healthful and restful Easter break.

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