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Amanda's journey to naturopathy– Awakened in India!

I was studying media and public relations at university as a disillusioned 19 year old, whilst swallowing handfuls of anti-histamines and rubbing all sorts of steroid creams over my body daily due to head to toe eczema and constant allergies. I was no longer resonating with the concept of being a news reader (despite it being a previous dream) and I decided to head to India for 3 months.

Like the dutiful, questioning 19 year old hippy version of myself; I did yoga, meditated, ate wonderful vegetarian food, studied Ayurveda, visited the Ganges and the Himalayas, and realised my health needed deep help.

On arrival back to Sydney, my gut and hormones were a total hot mess. I immediately dropped out of my media degree and signed up for Naturopathic college, much to the panic of my parents. While studying, I fell in love with herbs, the power of food and the quest for the root cause understanding of our health. Studying Naturopathy in the early 90s was considered beyond fringe but I was blessed to have the experience of wise and passionate teachers, and I remember feeling like I had come home to something that finally made sense.

It is not lost on me that my work and passion for health get to co-exist every day, and I am privileged to be an entrusted part of our wonderful patients health teams. I feel beyond blessed to do the work I do, as I honestly can’t imagine waking up for anything else, unless of course that news reader gig does finally show up!

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