Sage is a highly experienced acupuncturist and Doula with over 13 years experience seeing her patients through preconception care and women’s health to pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Sage has worked alongside world renowned Chinese medicine fertility veteran Jane Lyttleton at the Acupuncture Pregnancy and IVF Support Clinic since 2008, treating 1000s cases of male and female fertility, IVF support, pregnancy, birth and postnatal support.


Passionate about births, pregnancy and women’s health, Sage attended her first birth at 14 and started her career in natural medicine from a very young age.


Sage is a mother of 2 (now young adult) children and has sponsored 5 children at in India.


Sage has a calming influence on her patients and has worked on many yoga music retreats and sung with many well known ambient music artists such as Sacred Earth music, Daphne Tse and Kate B.


As well as the deeply calming benefits that most people enjoy with acupuncture, Sage likes to share many calming techniques and resources with patients and has a special interest in helping people manage anxiety and mental health. Many studies have shown that improving stress levels and anxiety can improve fertility and hormonal health.


Sage’s patients have often commented that they felt safe and well looked after during some of the most difficult, challenging and ultimately most positive experiences of their lives.


Sage completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine) studies at the University of Western Sydney, and spent 3 months studying full time at the Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Hospital in Nanjing China, in 2007. Sage uses a combination of Acupuncture, TGA approved Chinese medicine and supplements, cupping, moxibustion, Tui Na (massage) techniques, working with you to achieve your most optimal wellbeing and health.