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Weight Gain?

“What’s with this weight?” This is a question I get asked a lot! Clients who collectively have this same question and book an appointment because they have put on weight unexpectedly, or those who are seemingly doing "all the right things" and not losing weight. It can be so frustrating, challenging and really disheartening.

The thing is, there could be many reasons for weight gain that are not just dependent on calories in and calories out. Whilst that is important overall, it changes at each stage of life, based on your personal metabolic requirements, and as a result of your genetic make-up, too.

Some of the reasons you may have unexplained weight gain could be:

⁃ Hormones and Age - Postpartum, Peri-menopause, Menopause

⁃ Thyroid imbalance – as this regulates our metabolism

⁃ Insulin sensitivity or resistance - a key reason for mid-section weight gain

⁃ Leptin resistance - Has your body “switched off” to fullness cues? Do your cravings stop eating after 8 pm?

⁃ High/Elevated cortisol – are you super stressed? As above?

⁃ Sleep disorders and therefore imbalance of cortisol - getting enough sleep? As above?

⁃ Gut infections - creating an imbalance in gut bacteria? Recent bouts of gastro/food poisoning? Bali Belly?

⁃ Food sensitivities can create inflammation, fluid retention, bloating etc.

The truth is, weight is never a one pill approach – we would be rich if it were! However, there could be an answer as to your specific weight gain and we encourage you to explore the reasons with us.

A great place to begin is with our 21-Day Refresh Package which is designed to help you reset, re-frame and re-direct. Following your initial consultation, we can help you set and navigate a series of goals to work towards. We'll help you find a place to start, figure out what habits you may need to tweak, and begin the exploration as to why your weight has inflated and how we can support you in discovering the root cause. There always is a solution, we just need to look for it! We can and we will do so together!

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