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This year has been difficult for everyone, including me. Navigating the highs and lows of home learning, moving house and pandemic uncertainty with our family has been the beautiful Milo.

Milo brought joy and love to us every day, by being there for a cuddle and a walk, during which we could get fresh air, exercise and some safe connection time with the other dog lovers in our community.

He was also soothing for complete strangers. I remember a few times being stopped by strangers so they could give him a pat, some wordless to me with the strain of the times evident on their faces. They would simply gaze into Milo’s eyes and pat him a few times and then move on, and I knew they were grateful for a much needed lift in spirits.

My lightest moments during lockdown were with Milo and out in the local nature, which is so important to everyone’s wellbeing.

(Look out in 2022 for how I’ll be incorporating more nature into my client sessions).

Take the very best of care over Christmas and the New Year, and rest and nourish yourselves as much as possible.

Jacqui Manning x

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