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This year has proven a lot of things for many people. For me, it gave me some clarity; to walk the talk. I have been working on a passion project for 2 years– late at night, as it was the only time I could get it done. My son also wasn't sleeping, I had very busy days in clinic, then in steps COVID and said son was not allowed to be at daycare. Not too mention my partner, sick with pneumonia more times than the sheep I got to count at night. I felt EXHAUSTED! I am VERY grateful for my clients, understanding my need to take a step back for the remainder of this year. I am grateful for those who are patiently waiting for my return next year. I am grateful for the amazing tribe of women who have also supported me and continued to support my clients in my absence. My Darling Health family - who mean more to me than I can ever write in words. I am grateful for my partner supporting me and giving me the space to help my dreams come true. I am grateful for my little boy, chatting to me and inspiring me, even at 3 am in the morning about all the amazing things this world has to offer us and all that I still, yet, must give. I am grateful I was able to have the time to become the better version of myself. I hope I can inspire you all too. I cannot wait to see you all in 2022– in real life. Carmen. xx

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