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Rest and Renewal in 2023, the Year of the Rabbit

On January 22 2023, the Lunar New Year celebration of the Year of the Rabbit bounded into action. The shift in energy will be significant as we move out of 2022, the Year of the Tiger, and into the more healing and peaceful Rabbit Year.

Chinese Astrology incorporates the five elements - Water, Metal, Wood, Earth, and Fire - and the zodiac moves through a different element each year. 2023 will be the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit. The Yin Water element represents soft and gentle expressions, sensitivity, wisdom, intuition and inner peace. The Water Rabbit Year promises a period of rest and reflection after the dynamic and often turbulent Year of the Tiger.

2023 will present opportunities to look inward and trust our intuition. It will be a year for refinement, inner balance and rejuvenation while aiding the ability to navigate obstacles quickly and thoughtfully, just like the quick and agile nature of the Rabbit.

In its negative form, rabbits tend to seek an easy escape when put on the spot or might not want to face the reality of difficult or stressful situations. Being a Yin Water year and the unpredictable nature of water, the world might still feel precarious in 2023. So it will be important to be ready to manage surprises and get comfortable with uncertainty in your life and the world.

Lastly, the rabbit is associated with taking care of oneself, so self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is supported in the Year of the Rabbit. Eating well, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep will help us stay balanced and take advantage of the positive energy of the year.

Representation of the individual elements for 2023:

Yin: wise, persistent, placid, introverted, organised, cautious

Water: thoughtful, self-contained, a thirst for understanding, gentle. Can be fearful but also strong and resolute

Rabbit: sensitive, homely, peacemaking, social, creative, refined

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