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This year’s lockdown, along with the women I am blessed to treat provided inspiration for the creation of a new education wellness business called The Eighth Space, with my dear friend and fellow Naturopath Kate O’ Flynn.

Walking the road with women we see every day in clinic teetering on the edge of burnout from their professional and personal load motivated us to believe these conversations can and should take place in the workplace. Our mission is to educate senior women and women in leadership about the trajectory of women’s health and the bidirectional role the workplace can play.

The Eighth Space encourages leaders to think deeper and consider the possible impediments to the wellbeing and vitality of their women employees. Our model aims to educate and facilitate powerful workplace conversations through programs that identify the obstacles to women’s workplace wellness and unveil the steps to create a bold new paradigm for optimal health for women, personally and professionally and a path to a more aware and conscious workplace.

Visit our website at or please reach out to Amanda if you would like to learn more about the offerings from The Eighth Space.

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