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How Carmen became a naturopath– From endometriosis to practitioner.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 13. I had an episode of abdominal pain one night after enjoying a bowl of ice cream. The pain was so bad that I thought I had frozen my insides. I was rushed to the hospital and had investigative surgery (laparoscopy), but it turns out I was just getting my period. Back then all I was offered was the pill to 'support' my diagnosis, as they didn't offer surgical or any other treatment.

I took the oral contraceptive pill from age 13 - 27 years of age with no break. I ended up with deep vein thrombosis and veins also had to be stripped from both of my legs. I had to come off the pill for that reason alone, and it was like a cloud had been lifted from my head. But unfortunately, now unveiling my well-developed, chronic stage 4 endometriosis. The pill hadn't helped me AT ALL.

I then made it my mission to manage and treat my period pain, chronic constipation and mood through my study and clinical practice as a naturopath, therein lies my passion– to help women alike. Blessed with access to powerful herbal botanicals, functional and quality nutrition, valuable knowledge, and empathy, I just love my job, knowing that I can help many women affected by such a crippling disease, and offer them a treatment solution utilising these tools.

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