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It is easy to get caught up on the express train of life, rushing, living on autopilot, disconnecting from your body and no longer listening to the signs your body is giving you that it can’t take the stress any longer, that you are exhausted and running on empty. So you push through using coffee, chocolate or sweet foods to prop you up or you numb yourself with alcohol, ignoring your body until you get sick and then you have no choice but to stop. We have come to accept as normal a lesser state of being, with disease, illness and de-vitalisation becoming part of everyday life. Sound familiar? Well there is another way to live, letting go of the struggle in everyday life.

We often look outside of ourselves to fill the void we feel inside, when in fact the love is there within us. All we need to do is learn to reconnect to our inner heart and to our bodies and start to listen to the messages it gives us, instead of pushing down or ignoring issues and creating a hardness within. When we reach for the coffee, question why do I need this, am I exhausted? When you reach for the chocolate are you using it as a comfort to fill a void, or do you need the sugar to keep you going? Then you can start to unravel the reason why you got to that point in the first place. Having some honesty about the choices you are making gives you some control back and therefore the awareness to consciously change these patterns of disregard and therefore you can make more loving gentle choices for you.

Sometimes traumas, reactions and damaging belief systems also create disharmony in the mind and body and keep you in a cycle of disregard. Esoteric (inner-most) Healing supports and assists you in clearing ‘that which is not you” and this gives you the opportunity to live the life you feel you should be living, feeling lighter, clearer and naturally vital and bringing more balance, joy and harmony in to your day-to-day life.

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