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I made the move down south to the Coal Coast just over 2.5 years ago with my husband and two children, and what a blessing it has been to call this slice of the NSW coast home. The curveballs the last 2 years have thrown at us have made me incredibly grateful for the sea-change we made before Covid-19 was even a thing!

Upon reflection, I realise just how many reasons I have to be grateful for the silver linings of the last 12 months:

- My husband working full-time from home means he no longer commutes 3 hours each working day back into Sydney, meaning he’s home more with our young children, cooks many weeknight dinners and shares the juggle of parenthood and working with me.

- We have the ocean within 5min walk from our home, providing me with many, many evenings of solo walks after the sometimes very tricky days of home schooling a kindy kid with a 3 year old in tow!

- An abundance of nature on our doorstep, allowing my children to live their dirtiest, sandiest and wildest childhoods.

- A new business opportunity, opening a small clinic space in a neighbouring suburb and building an additional client base closer to my new home

- Amazing clients state-wide, who have made the transition to online consulting smooth and easy, opening up the new opportunity of seeing clients from all over and allowing me to continue walking beside them on their health journeys

- Our incredible reception and management team at Darling Health, who work tirelessly behind the scenes, adapting to moving the clinic online almost overnight, and doing the job with such grace and ease

I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of the Darling Health team for the past year (+ 9!)

Sending warmth and gratitude to all my clients, and those of the clinic.

xx Claire

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