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After a year filled with so much uncertainty, the year’s end can bring an opportunity for a reset and re-frame. Too many of us have been forced to overspend from our adrenal bank this year and have been left feeling flat and frayed around the edges.

When we continue to call on our cortisol, which is our chronic stress hormone it can impact the functioning of many of our organs. Typically, it creates that “tired but wired” feeling, it can slow down our gut motility, cause us to experience a second wind at night but then wake early, we will put on weight, feel inflamed and experience body pain, and it can derail our hormonal system.

The antidote to an elevated cortisol response is rest, not sleep but rest. And the body is always listening, so please remember to check your language when you tell yourself “I’m so stressed” and maybe instead tell yourself “ I need rest” or “ I’m going to say no”.

To help fill up our cortisol cup maybe consider the Christmas break to be a time for a nervous system detox. Watch you don’t find yourself too overcommitted socially, schedule empty days, wake slow, find nature, eat and nap outdoors and breathe deeper. The new year can provide a meaningful time for an inner life re-design with slow and soulful practices in place as your foundations for a more conscious, creative and hopeful new year.

Thank you to all our beloved patients, we continue to feel humbled and blessed that you have chosen us to be in your health care team and wish you all a peaceful and restful holiday season.

With Gratitude, Amanda xx

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