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Farewell, Sage

One of our beloved acupuncturists Sage, is taking time off to help take care of her partner as he is undergoing cancer treatment. Sage is also moving interstate to a lovely leafy home amongst nature and not too far from the beach– a dream she and her partner have had for many years.

Unfortunately Sage has no more available appointments before she leaves. However if you would like to keep in touch with Sage, let her know how you are going, or need some follow up care, you can contact her here:

Ph: 0401456839

(Sage’s website is currently being updated but the domain will remain the same).

Sage would like to refer you to see our acupuncturist Renee Boyd who has been with us for many years, and is a highly skilled and nurturing practitioner. Renee is often booked out ahead of time so please call reception to make a booking for pre birth or other regular appointments in advance if possible.

We also have a number of highly qualified and experienced naturopaths who can help with your continued health care for supplements, herbal medicine, nutrition and health programs going forward.

We wish Sage and her partner the very best for a healthy and their happy new lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

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