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We’ve all heard of Feng Shui which uses energy forces to harmonize an individual with their surrounding environment. If we were to take this lens and apply it to two of our major life areas; home and work, we realise that these two areas make up a significant portion of our world.

If our home and work areas are cluttered with excess, this affects our internal operating system; our bodies.

The beginning of a season is an excellent reminder to do a physical clean of our environment. Taking inventory of what is needed and what is excess allows us to free up our external space, so internally we have more room to receive and create.

For example, if every time you open the linen closet and it’s a competition to see if you can skilfully get what you need before all the towels and linen topple out, or there is a pile of papers on your desk that are begging for your attention but you just don’t quite get to, we clog up our internal energy system therefore disempowering us before we even walk out the door.

Take a weekend to move cupboards, clean skirting boards, vacuum under the bed, throw out, give away or up-cycle those items that you have not touched in years. Take an afternoon at your work space to file and organise and put things away in their proper place so that when you return to work or open that linen closet you internally smile knowing all is in order.

Clearing our physical spaces followed by a ceremonial smudge helps us anchor in spaces that nourish us.

For those first time smudgers:

  • Put on your favourite music on and turn it up loud

  • As you light your smudging stick, speak your intention into it

  • Take yourself and your smudge of choice (Australian sandalwood chips, white sage, palo santo) into each room, every corner of the room and thank that space for all it has provided you over the last little while. Name what you are releasing and also what you are calling in

  • Trust your instinct and allow your music and words to move you

  • Move your smudge of choice in figure eights across beds, doorways, hallways, windows as big or as small as you like

  • When complete, leaving the space you just smudged for a couple of hours allows the energies to settle and regenerate

Aligning to our environment, and clearing up our external world is certainly an excellent way to compliment our internal world, freeing us to truly give and receive all we need.

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