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The pandemic has profoundly limited the scope of many lives. It has cut many of us off from variety. It has meant home-cooking, day after day, instead of restaurants or meals shared with friends. It has meant being alone in our homes —or seeing the same people every day, in the same house, dealing with home-schooling and remote work. It has meant a threat to our health and those of our loved ones.

In the face of such challenging times, I have found a growing appreciation for the good things we get from other beings, including our pets, and from nature and society. I am so grateful for the Darling Health tribe, who band together and act with remarkable compassion, professionalism and resilience. I am thankful for my clients with whom I have laughed and cried and shared stories. And the unwavering support of family and friends.

I have found it helpful to find gratitude in the little things too - music, nutritious food, self-care rituals, physical touch and technology. Things in life previously taken for granted that now take on a special meaning.

Sending love and gratitude to all our Darling Health clients and friends, thank you!

xx Renee

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