The primary focus of Naturopathic Medicine is to identify and correct the underlying causes of disease. At Darling Health, we take a comprehensive approach that combines diet, herbal and nutritional treatments alongside counselling and stress management techniques. We practice functional naturopathic medicine based on the latest scientific research and utilise evidence based functional medicine testing to explore your particular health concerns. We work very closely with a range of medical specialists to ensure we provide you with thorough, holistic, patient-centred care.

The range of functional testing can involve hair, blood, urine and stool analysis, to help our practitioners diagnose your particular areas of concern. We provide individualised treatment protocols for you, which may involve diet or lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, supplements and/or detoxification. We specialise in male and female fertility, reproductive health, children’s health, allergies, digestive health, mood disorders and autoimmune disease.

Learn more about each of our qualified Naturopaths below:

Amanda Haberecht Carmen Cooper Claire Luckman