Jacqui Manning is a highly experienced psychologist who combines her natural warmth, intuition, extensive background in counselling, and tools such as energy psychology (meridian tapping) to help her clients get past any bump that may come their way. She has been working since 1999 and believes seeing a psychologist is a proactive way to take care of your emotional health. We will visit a doctor if we feel pain or we have the flu, so why do find it harder when we feel emotional pain? Good emotional hygiene - 'psychological immune boosting' is essential to deal with the many pressures of modern life we all experience.

Jacqui's clients (male, female and couples) see her:

  • To resolve a problem in their life

  • To get relief from anxiety and stress that feels overwhelming

  • To get clarity on a situation - e.g. breaking up a relationship or a career change

  • To learn strategies to improve their relationships, including life's essentials such as effective communication

  • To break old patterns such as bad sleep cycles or quitting smoking

  • To increase their emotional, physical and mental health

  • To get support for any difficulties in the fertility journey


Jacqui regularly appears in the media (TV, online, print and podcasts), following her passion to educate people to pay attention to their emotional health and wellbeing. Her media roles have included

  • Resident Psychologist and columnist for Body + Soul (Sunday Telegraph)

  • Relationship Expert for Channel 7's prime time show 'The Super Switch'

  • eHarmony's Dating & Relationships Expert

  • Resident psychologist for CLEO & Yours magazines

  • Writing for Wellbeing and Marie Claire magazines, as well as the Sydney Morning Herald

  • Fortnightly guest on ABC 702 Evenings with Andrew Daddo

  • Resident Psychologist on Channel 9 MORNINGS with David Campbell & Sonia Kruger, appearing regularly for 3 years

  • Appearing in the documentary All I Need, hosted by Andrew Daddo


She has produced a relaxation track tailored for those trying to conceive (whether naturally or through IVF) called Planting the Seed…for Conception Joy, which has enabled many of her clients to remain calm throughout what can be a difficult journey.

For more information head to: www.jacquimanning.com.au