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Amanda Schembri is a qualified Kinesiologist and is passionate about helping people to live the life they dream.

Often today, women are over-worked, stressed and never have enough time for self. They are left asking the question why their bodies cannot sustain the environment of natural health?

We are taught (and rightly so) to work on the physical. Exercise, eat well and to work with those physical imbalances. However, consideration of the emotional and energetic factors can often be left unattended.

Kinesiology is a holistic approach and looks at both the physical, nutritional and emotional/energetic factors at play and is very effective in dealing with fears and anxieties around life situations.

Amanda uses Kinesiology as a means to tap into your body. This means to find those areas of stress and release what it is that is no longer serving you. Leaving room and energy to focus life areas that matter most allowing room for change and health.

Amanda created her practice Change of Balance – be the change, where she works with empowering women to have a better understanding of the intricate relationship between mind, body and spirit.

For more information: www.changeofbalance.com.au