Amanda Haberecht is the director of Darling Health and has practised as a Naturopath for over 23 years with a special interest in all aspects of women’s health from puberty to menopause. Amanda previously worked as a Naturopath at The Jocelyn Centre with Francesca Naish for 10 years before she established Darling Street Health in Balmain, Sydney.

As both the director and principal Naturopath of Darling Health, Amanda takes great pride in providing patients and their families with quality naturopathic and complementary medicine care in a caring and welcoming environment.

Specialising in reproductive health, infertility, miscarriage prevention, recurrent miscarriage and preconception care, Amanda offers an alternative model for women and their partners experiencing fertility concerns. Amanda utilises both conventional and complementary medical models to diagnose and address issues that may be compromising a couple’s chance to conceive a healthy baby.

Amanda is a regular keynote speaker on preconception and pregnancy health, miscarriage prevention, natural fertility management and naturopathic IVF support.

Speaking engagements include:

  • The Alexandria Multidisciplinary Education Series at IVF Australia (September 2019) Presenting Naturopathic Approaches to Unexplained Infertility

  • Metagenics Facebook LIVE Interviews at Congress (June 2019) Presenting Employee and Subcontracting Practitioners

  • The Alexandria Multidisciplinary Education Series at IVF Australia (May 2019) Supporting IVF and Fertility Panel

  • Health Masters LIVE Fertility Masterclass (April 2019) Presenting Fertility Assessment, webinar one

  • Health Masters LIVE Pregnancy Masterclass (September 2018) Presenting Preconception: When things get complicated, webinar two

  • Naturally Good Expo, Sydney Australia (April 2018) Presenting Underutilised Approaches to Natural Preconception

  • ACNEM Conference: Women's Health (November 2016) PMS

  • Marie Claire – Defy your Age Campaign (Feb 2014) Presenting how to look and feel your best naturally

  • Health Masters LIVE Natural Women’s Health Masterclass (Nov 2013) Presenting Recurrent Miscarriage

  • Health Masters LIVE Natural Pregnancy Masterclass (Sept 2013) Presenting 1st Trimester Pregnancy Health

  • ACNEM Conference: Women’s Health – From Menarche to Menopause (November 2011) Presenting Infertility and conception

  • Metagenics Congress of Integrative Medicine (June 2011) Presenting both Naturopathic Support of Patients Undergoing Assisted Fertility Treatments, and, Prevention and Management of Recurrent Miscarriage

Based on her extensive clinical experience, Amanda has pioneered and developed the Mygen Health Fertility and Maternity formulated supplements to provide patients with the most comprehensive and evidence based preconception formulas with the most therapeutically available nutrients for men and women currently available on the Australian market.

For more information on Mygen Health visit www.mygenhealth.com.au